Sheet Metal Contractors Roundtable

Advocates for the Future of Our Industry

The Sheet Metal Contractors Roundtable (SMCR) is a group of business owners dedicated to improving the Sheet Metal Industry. We represent over 1,000 employees statewide, and are rapidly growing. Our members are top-performing, professional companies that attract and retain the best talent, produce the safest, and most professional projects, and generate sustainable, profitable businesses with long-term value for their owners.

We have a strong base of reputable business owners on our team making strides toward improving the Sheet Metal Industry for all contractors. While we are excited about the work we’ve completed, we are continuing to develop new ideas and push for changes that will improve the outlook of our industry.

If you’re interested in joining, or would simply like to learn more, please take a look around and feel free to contact us to join our next meeting!

Our Core Objectives

Advocate for appropriate regulation and professional standards that ensure fairness and a level playing field.
Bring reputable sheet metal contractors together through the SMCR to raise professionalism through industry best practices.
Foster cooperative relationships and communication with mechanical and general contractors to reinforce their commitment to monitoring licensing and documentation requirements for subcontractors.
Promote sheet metal as a viable career in various sectors such as vocational schools, public schools, and veterans’ organizations.


Monthly Virtual Meetings

Date to be announced