Benefits of Membership

The SMCR welcomes qualified professional contractors to join us. Members benefit from a unique combination of peer networking, group analysis and problem solving, as well as professional guidance from business experts. Some of the benefits of joining our team include:

Become More Competitive in Your Market

The quality and standards that we foster within member companies will have a positive impact on your company as well as the broader industry, as others are forced to compete against us.

Maximize Return on Labor Investment

Member standards in the areas of recruitment, training and development contribute to increased quality of the labor force throughout our industry.

Power of Group Thinking

Studies have shown that in 80—90% of cases, groups who engage in problem solving come up with better solutions, more cost-effective approaches, and more innovative ideas compared to any individual’s approach to the same problem.

Get Expert Advice & Guidance

Tap into the SMCR’s network of experts who can advise you on a range of business, financial, technical, HR/training, political, and economic issues.

Increase Your Industry Influence

Increase your leverage in various arenas – from economic to political, to charitable, and have a voice in shaping the business environment in which you operate.

Interested in Joining?

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