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Warehouse Co-Op Program for Secondary and Trade School Students

The Sheetmetal Contractors Roundtable (SMCR) has developed a new opportunity for your students who are looking toward a career in the HVAC industry.

SMCR members include some of New England’s largest volume HVAC distributors. These wholesale distributor members have developed a new Co-op program designed to give students a unique learning experience distinct from traditional field-based Co-op opportunities. The Warehouse Co-op offers 3 unique benefits to participants:

  1. Access to the latest technology

Warehouse Co-op students will get access to the most up-to-date materials, tools and technology the HVAC industry has to offer. They will engage in hands-on learning experiences with the products they will use as tradespeople in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry.

  1. Extensive Industry Connections and Contacts

Students will have the opportunity to interact with virtually all of the HVAC contractors throughout New England, including HVAC technicians, installers, and owner/operators, as well as materials and tools specialists.

  1. Development of professional communication and social skills

Warehouse Co-op students will develop their communication and social skills at a higher level than is available in many Co-op assignments. The daily interaction with trades professionals will help build the confidence of the students and give them social skills that will help them throughout their professional careers

  1. A controlled work environment

Challenging climate and worksite conditions can be a deterrent for some students do not respond well to the instability inherent in this type of work. The controlled environment of the Warehouse Co-op program gives students an alternative to typical work site conditions.

  1. A consistent work location

Transportation can be one of the biggest hurdles for many young people exploring any career. A single destination point can level the playing field for students who may not have access to transportation, so they can participate in a Co-op position and earn a paycheck.


Most importantly, safety is number one priority with any of our programs through the SMCR.

We hope students, educators, and counselors will explore all of the opportunities available through SMCR’s Education Partnership Program.

Please feel free to reach out to us any time to discuss these programs and get all the details. I look forward to helping you find the right fit for any student who is committed to preparing for their career in HVAC.

Here's a list of the companies who are offering this opportunity:

To view companies offering this opportunity, login to your SMCR Education Portal Account. If you have not created your free account for the SMCR Education Partnership Portal, you can do so here: https://smcroundtable.org/register/