Sheet Metal Business Council

SMCR is sponsoring a peer group exclusively for owners of sheet metal fabrication and installation companies. The group addresses all aspects of owning and managing a prosperous sheet metal operation. Members benefit from a powerful combination of collaborative learning, professional development, accountability, and business growth.

We serve as a board of advisors for each other. Our collective knowledge surpasses any individual's expertise. We bring together non-competing sheet metal business owners in groups of 6-10, to share ideas, amplify knowledge and compare financials. Members gain insights on growing a top-tier sheet metal operation, connecting with like-minded individuals and building meaningful relationships. Many members find business allies who share their values and goals, leading to lifelong friendships.​

What is the Sheet Metal Business Council?​

The Sheet Metal Business Council is an executive peer group that offers like-minded business owners an environment conducive to sharing ideas, discussing business opportunities, and confronting challenges–all with the goal of improving your businesses.

The Sheet Metal Business Council is exclusively for owners of sheet metal fabrication and installation companies. Each cohort consists of at least 6 business owners who manage similar companies that are comparable in size, employees, markets and other demographics. You’ll benefit from a diversity of thought, ideas and solutions, without the direct competition​.


  • Grow your business more quickly than you could on your own, with less trial and error
  • Solve key business issues in a forum of senior executives
  • Learn from fellow business owners who have faced similar challenges
  • Have a sounding board for testing ideas and solutions​​

Requirements for membership

  • Decision-Making Owner​
  • Commercial HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication and/or Installation Companies or Divisions​
  • Merit Shop​
  • Company size $1-10 million per year​
  • Under 50 employees​
  • Reputable, no defaults, liens, lawsuits…. Etc…​
  • If the business is run by multiple partners, then all decision-making partners must participate

Get all the details

If you're interested in joining, jump on a call so you can get all the information you need to make a decision.

Applications are open now for the program beginning Fall of 2023.